The Gigi | Spring Summer 2017
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Spring Summer 2017


‘Colors have a lot of influence on our life. Among them, blue gives a sense of calm and tranquillity.’

Blue is harmony and joy of living. It represents stable relationships and sensitivity, yet the depth of our sentiments. Blue transmits stability, inner peace, satisfaction and confidence.

THE GIGI Spring Summer ’17 collection is diving into the different shades of blue to create a unique sensory experience that reflects all these positive feelings.

Indigo and Denim are summer icons that have been reinvented with style obtaining a very elegant image, without touching their pure souls.

Jacquard drawings reflect paLerns inspired by the denim culture. Shades and smudges have been created using the art of the looms.

Exclusive printed graphic elements give life to sparkling and sophisticated fabrics.

Curious tone on tone designs provide the sense of mo>on that enhance the preciousness of the garments.

Color flares and innovative techniques complete the painting.

And lightness is the key of a collection that is elegant and sophisticated yet intriguingly eclectic… never too much, but enough to be unique. It is the ultimate expression of THE GIGI’s strives for beauty.


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